My name is Aldo and like many of you gringos, I’ve been riding bikes since I was un nino pequeno, road raced desde chico, and have saddled-up nearly every day for the past twenty-years. During that time I’ve elevato my FTP to near 400-watts. So, listen-up all you poseurs… I’m issuing a standing challenge to anyone who thinks que me puede patear el trasero. OK, OK, just talking some trash. Seriously, I always wanted to get real professional photos riding my bike and this was way beyond my expectations. Scroll down to see a portfolio from the session and some details.

That’s what I said. That little ski-jumping jackal follows directions good, too. I yell at him… dale güey rápido! and off he goes like his bike está llamas! Back to the shoot…  we did riding action shots, posed shots and casual street shots. The process was very comfortable and safe for me as they are riders themselves and understand how to communicate properly. As an added benefit, I only had to do 13mph to look like I’m actually racing.